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Women avoiding talking on the phone because of hearing loss.

Are you talking less often on the phone because you can’t hear very well. Over time, you may feel isolated because of your loss of hearing. It isn’t necessary to stop chatting on the phone. There are ways to work it out so you can stay in touch with your loved ones.

It’s All About Communication

With any relationship, communication is the key and the same goes for your phone. What can be done improve the situation is the real question.

  • Are the voices difficult to hear? Check the phone to make certain that the volume is turned all the way up.
  • If the volume is already on high, have you tried an accessory such as headphones or a Bluetooth? Perhaps that’s all you need to make your phone sound better and it doesn’t cost that much.
  • An ear exam is a smart idea. Not all hearing loss is permanent, so get a proper diagnosis. Temporary hearing loss is often caused by something as simple as an ear infection or to much ear wax.

If you look at the obvious issues and have ruled them out, it will be time to consider more in depth solutions.

You Can Get an App For That

You will actually have a choice between several apps. There are some pretty cool apps that will get you comfortable being back on your phone.

Some apps turn what the other person says to text you can read. These apps are far from perfect, but you should be able to work with them. Brands to look up include:

Not all voice to text apps are free, but the majority are affordably priced.

You Can Get a Phone For That

You can also find a landline phone that does the same thing as an app. They can amplify the sound on the other end, making it less difficult to hear. They also work to equalize the tone, so high pitched sounds that tend to get lost become clearer.

A captioning phone is yet another solution. To take advantage of the captioning service, you need to have a unique phone that has a screen. Captioning works with an operator that either repeats the spoken words so speech recognition software can translate them into text or types them directly into the system. From there the words are displayed on the screen of the phone. Also, the internet is necessary for most captioning phones.

An old school phone system that you can still find which works in a similar way to a captioning service is Text-to-Voice Teletype (TTY). You need to get a TTY device that sits near the phone to show the text, though.

Hearing Aids Are The Best Way To Go

It used to be, whenever a hearing aid was near a phone, you would get ear piercing feedback, but new hearing aids don’t usually do that. The latest technology can work with a hearing aid compatible phone to improve the sound quality and remove interference like background noise. The best thing is these wireless hearing aids still work even when you’re not using your phone.

An advanced program which enables it to be compatible with both smart-phones and landlines is a stand out feature of modern hearing aids. The technology functions by holding the hearing device up to the phone and streaming the sound from the one to the other.

Most digital hearing aids are also Bluetooth compatible. You pair the phone up with the hearing aids exactly the same as you would with wireless headphones or earbuds. When the phone rings, the sound goes directly to your hearing aids.

There’s no reason to allow hearing loss spoil a perfectly good relationship. Do what you must to get back on your phone, and start talking again. It’s time to make an appointment with a hearing specialist to check out the newest hearing aid technology.

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